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Requires nutrition standards that do not meet federal Smart Snacks requirements

Competitive Foods—HS

Competitive Foods—HS

State law requires nutrition standards for food and beverages sold outside of school meal programs that do not meet Smart Snacks.

17 V.I.C. _ 142

a)Each school may, with the approval of the Board of Education, sell to students beverages in vending machines during the school day so long as:

  • (1)Soft drinks are not sold—

    • (A)during the breakfast and lunch periods;

    • (B)at elementary schools; or

    • (C)contrary to the requirements of the National School Lunch Program of the federal government.

    • (2)Sugared, carbonated soft drinks, including mid-calorie carbonated soft drinks, are not offered for sale in middle schools;

    • (3)Not greater than 50% of the offerings for sale to students in high schools are sugared carbonated soft drinks; and

    • (4)Bottled water products are available in every school that has beverage vending.

(b)Nothing in subsection (a) of this section prohibits a school from adopting stricter policies with respect to beverage vending or from selling diet carbonated soft drinks.

(c)Snack vending in all schools must, by the 2007/2008 school year, ensure that:

  • (1)in elementary schools, no snack vending is available to students; and
  • (2)in middle and high schools, 75% of snack vending products contains not more than 200 calories per portion or snack vending package
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