Mississippi - Food service training: Federal requirement

Federal Requirement
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statute; regulation

State law addresses food service worker training but not required or requires training that does not meet the level of the USDA professional standards.

Mississippi Code. § 37-13-137 Student nutrition; school personnel training

(2) The Office of Healthy Schools of the State Department of Education shall provide comprehensive training for superintendents, business managers, food service directors and food service managers of a local school district, or the designees appointed by those individuals for training purposes, as required by the department on marketing healthy foods, creating a healthy cafeteria environment, effective and efficient food service operations, the standards and expectations of food service staff, and other topics as identified by the department. The department may determine the time and location of the trainings and the frequency with which they are held. Persons employed by a local school district having the certification as a Food Service Administrator III or IV shall be exempt from the training requirements of this subsection.

Title 7. Part 3. Chapter 17: Child Nutrition

The continuing training requirements passed by the State Board of Education in 1953 shall remain in place. In summary, that policy requires that Managers and Food Service Administrators attend a twenty-four (24) clock-hour course during the first year of employment and complete an additional twenty-four (24) clock-hours course every three years. The twenty-four clock-hours are obtained by attending a course designed by the Office of Child Nutrition based on current program needs.
Source: State of Mississippi Secretary of State

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