West Virginia - Food service training: Federal requirement

Federal Requirement
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State law addresses food service worker training but not required or requires training that does not meet the level of the USDA professional standards.

Code of State Rules 126-86-9. Staffing

9.1.a. Initial Temporary Authorization for School Nutrition Director. -- The applicant for licensure must provideevidence of satisfying the following:

  • 9.1.a.1. Degree. -- At a minimum, hold a bachelor's degree and a minimum 2.5 GPA including six semester hours of coursework related to nutrition, food, and/or food service management or WVDE approved training as provided by the OCN. The six semester hours or approved training must be completed within 90 days of the start date; AND

  • 9.1.a.2. Food Safety Training. -- The applicant for licensure must provide evidence of at least eight hours of food safety training obtained no more than five years prior to or within 30 days of start date; AND

  • 9.1.a.3. Recommendation of the County Superintendent. -- Receive the recommendation of the county superintendent in the county in which the applicant is employed verifying that the applicant is the most qualified candidate for the position.

Code of State Rules 126-85-127. Personnel and Training

127.1 Qualified personnel should be employed at both the school and SFA levels. As specified in WVBE Policy 4321.1(§ 126-86-9), county superintendents must designate a school nutrition program director. This director must hold an authorization endorsed for School Nutrition Program Director. All school nutrition program directors must annually complete a minimum of 15 clock hours of in-service credit related to Child Nutrition Programs offered or approved by the WVDE Office of Child Nutrition. It is recommended that the SFA employ a full-time school nutrition program director.

127.2. In accordance with W. Va. Code § 18A-2-5, service personnel employed for the first time must hold a high school diploma or general education development certificate (GED) or be enrolled in an approved adult education course for GED completion at the time of employment.

Code of State Rules 126-85-5 Responsibilities for Child Nutrition Programs

5.3.4. Training and technical assistance functions, including:

  • e. developing and implementing an on-going training program for food service personnel, school clerical personnel and school administrators;

Code of State Rules 126-85-5 Responsibilities for Child Nutrition Programs

5.3.4. Training and technical assistance functions, including:

  • j. initiating an on-going, relevant professional growth program for food service supervisory personnel.

Code of State Rules 126-85-130 Training Programs for Food Service Personnel

130.1. Enhancing student health and learning through nutrition services requires training in many areas of nutrition, food service and program management. These include: knowledge of current nutrition recommendations, USDA regulations and WVDE policies, including required meal patterns; use of standardized recipes; procurement procedures; operation of institutional food service equipment; use of USDA publications, such as The Buying Guide for Quantity Foods;financial management; and food sanitation and safety.

130.2. WVBE Policy 5500.02, County Service Personnel Staff Development Councils, requires at least 18 hours of job-related staff development for service personnel each year. The County Service Personnel Staff Development Council has final authority to propose and evaluate staff development programs according to the rules of the policy.

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