Mississippi - Technical assistance provided to LEA (state level): Federal requirement

Federal Requirement
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State law addresses state-level technical assistance.

Mississippi Code § 37-11-8 - Office of Healthy Schools of the State Department of Education to develop and implement the Healthier School Initiative; purpose; financial incentives to certain schools; eligibility criteria to participate in HealthierUS School Challenge

(3) The Office of Healthy Schools shall require local school districts to include information relevant to the HealthierUS School Challenge on their district Web sites and shall provide technical assistance to schools that elect to participate in the challenge to become a HealthierUS School. The office shall require participating schools to:

  • (a) Enroll as a Team Nutrition School;
  • (b) Offer reimbursable lunches that demonstrate healthy menu planning practices and principles of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and that meet United States Department of Agriculture nutrition standards;
  • (c) Provide nutrition education to students;
  • (d) Provide students with physical education and the opportunity for physical activity;
  • (e) Maintain an average daily participation of school enrollment for reimbursable lunches; and
  • (f) Adhere to guidelines established by Food and Nutrition Service for foods served and/or sold in schools outside the National School Lunch Program.
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