Virginia - Technical assistance provided to LEA (state level): Federal requirement

Federal Requirement
Policy Type: 
regulation; statute

State law addresses state-level technical assistance.

Virginia Administrative Code 8 VAC 20-740-40. Implementation and Compliance.

  1. The Department of Education shall ensure that the local education agencies and school food authorities comply with these nutrition standards and shall provide guidance to schools on alternative school-sponsored fundraisers that do not involve the sale of foods or beverages to students and guidance on how to determine if foods and beverages sold at school-sponsored fundraisers meet these standards. Noncompliance determined by the local education agency, school food authority, or Department of Education shall require corrective action.

Code of Virginia 22.1-16.4. Nutrition and physical activity best practices database.

The Department of Education shall develop and maintain a nutrition and physical activity best practices database. The database shall contain the results of any wellness-related fitness testing done by local school divisions, as well as information on successful programs and policies implemented by local school divisions designed to improve nutrition and physical activity in the public schools. This information may include (i) a description of the program or policy, (ii) advice on implementation, (iii) any assessment of the program or policy, (iv) a contact person from the local school division, and (v) any other information the Department deems appropriate. The database shall be readily accessible to all local school divisions in the Commonwealth and the Department of Health. While the Board shall encourage local school divisions to submit information to the database, no school division shall be required to submit information.

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