West Virginia - Technical assistance provided to LEA (state level): Federal requirement

Federal Requirement
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State law addresses state-level technical assistance.

Code of State Rules 126-86-2. Purpose

Within the WVDE, the OCN will be tasked with the implementation, oversight, monitoring, provision of technicalassistance, and related duties as they pertain to child nutrition programs.

Code of State Rules 126-86-4. Nutrition Standards for Child Nutrition Programs

4.1 Nutrition standards for federally-funded school and child nutrition programs are determined at the federal level. TheWVDE is responsible for technical assistance and compliance monitoring related to program implementation at thelocal level.

Code of State Rules 126-85-4. Major Functions and Programs

4.1 Major functions are categorized in the areas of administration, technical assistance and training, monitoring and accountability, and outreach. Specifically, the Office of Child Nutrition works to achieve the following:

  • 4.1.1. Ensure the service of nutritious meals that appeal to children.

  • 4.1.2. Increase efficiency and accountability in food service operations.

  • 4.1.3. Assist students in achieving optimum performance and quality of life.

  • 4.1.4. Enable educators, food service personnel and parents to positively influence children's eating habits.

  • 4.1.5. Collaborate with other governmental and community agencies in establishing goals and nutrition services forchildren.

  • 4.1.6. Optimize the effectiveness of child nutrition personnel.

  • 4.1.7. Promote and expand child nutrition programs.

Code of State Rules 126-85-88. Monitoring by State Agency

88.1. State and local education agencies are responsible for the administration and supervision of child nutrition programs funded under the NSLA and the CNA. Coordinators for the WVDE Office of Child Nutrition monitor local operations, provide technical assistance and assist with staff development of food service personnel.

88.2. Coordinators are responsible for monitoring programs in public schools in the 55 counties. The monitoring duties of these representatives are performed through On-Site Visits to review food program operations by reviewing reimbursement claims, program reports, management of food service funds, procurement practices, procedures for meeting dietary guidelines, and other aspects of the program.

Code of State Rules 126-85-5 Responsibilities for Child Nutrition Programs

5.2.1 Program administration fucntions, including:

  • l. cooperating with national, state and local agencies in implementing an on-going nutrition education and training program that meets the identified needs of the state

Code of State Rules 126-85-5 Responsibilities for Child Nutrition Programs

5.2.4 Training and technical assistance functions, including:

  • a. scheduling and completing on-site visits to provide technical assistance and/or follow-up visits; providing technical assistance as a result of CRE and SMI reviews;

  • b. implementing staff development for local school food service personnel;

  • c. assisting sponsoring agencies with local school food service training programs where necessary;

  • d. developing and implementing on-going training programs for supervisory and administrative personnel (sponsor level);

  • e. reviewing and approving proposed plans and layouts for food service facilities when requested;

  • f. preparing and distributing training materials, program aids and guidance materials; and

  • g. provide training as needed to ensure that meals offered to children comply with nutrition standards established by USDA regulations and State Board Policy 4321.1.

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