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Prohibits denying meals

Unpaid Meal Charge Policy—Supports Students

Unpaid Meal Charge Policy—Supports Students

State law establishes a policy regarding unpaid meal charges that prohibits shaming and/or denying meals.

Wyoming Administrative Rules 206.0002.4 Annual Report

Section 8. Annual Report. (a) Each school district shall complete an annual food service report, in a format provided by the Department, for the previous school year on or before August 15 of the succeeding school year. The annual report must include:

  • (i) A strategic plan for food service operations, which includes:

  • (G) Policies for student meal charges including collection of unpaid fees, periodic evaluation of paid meal rates for students, periodic evaluation of meal rates for adults, meals provided by the school district that are not reimbursable such as those for duty teachers and student helpers, and for non-reimbursable meals provided to children not having access to school meals.

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