Virginia - Wellness leadership: Accountability

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State law identifies wellness leadership.

Virginia Administrative Code 8 VAC 20-740-40. Implementation and Compliance.

A. Each local school board shall incorporate and adopt the nutrition standards in this chapter as a compulsory component of the divisionwide local wellness policy mandated by federal regulation for all local education agencies that participate in the national school lunch program. In addition to incorporating the nutrition standards for competitive foods, the local wellness policy shall (i) establish and identify school division leadership with the authority to enforce the local wellness policy throughout the school campus; (ii) establish specific goals for nutrition promotion, nutrition education, physical activities, and other school-based activities that promote wellness; and (iii) establish policies that address marketing and advertising of only foods that meet the nutrition standards for competitive foods, serve to promote student health, prevent childhood obesity, and combat problems associated with poor nutrition and physical inactivity.

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