New York - Wellness/WSCC Council (district level): Stakeholders

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State law encourages/recommends creation of WSCC or wellness district council.

Education Consolidated Laws Section 918

  1. a. Every school district is hereby authorized and encouraged to establish a child nutrition advisory committee.
    • b. The district advisory committee is encouraged to meet at least quarterly.
    • c. The committee is encouraged to include, but not be limited to, a representative of the school board, the food preparation staff, the physical education departments, the school nurse or health staff, a registered dietitian, if available, the faculty of the district, the parent teacher associations in the district, the students enrolled in the district, and the parents or guardians of students enrolled in the district.
    • d. If, due to special circumstances of a district, it is impossible or impracticable for all groups recommended to have members on the committee to be represented, the district may approve a committee that, to the greatest extent possible, represents the interests of the aforementioned groups.
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