District of Columbia - Wellness/WSCC Council (state level): Stakeholders

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State law requires creation of health or wellness council at the state-level.

Code of the District of Columbia § 38–827.01. Establishment of the Healthy Youth and Schools Commission.

(a) There is established the Healthy Youth and Schools Commission with the purpose of advising the Mayor and the Council on health, wellness, and nutritional issues concerning youth and schools in the District, including:

  • (1) School meals;
  • (2) Farm-to-school programs;
  • (3) Physical activity and physical education;
  • (4) Health education;
  • (5) Environmental programs;
  • (6) School gardens;
  • (7) Sexual health programming;
  • (8) Chronic disease prevention;
  • (9) Emotional, social, and mental health services;
  • (10) Substance abuse; and
  • (11) Violence prevention.
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