Texas - Wellness/WSCC Council (state level): Stakeholders

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statute; regulation

State law requires creation of health or wellness council at the state-level.

Texas Health and Safety Code Sec. 1001.0711. SCHOOL HEALTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE.

(a) The executive commissioner by rule shall establish a School Health Advisory Committee at the department to provide assistance to the council in establishing a leadership role for the department in support for and delivery of coordinated school health programs and school health services.

Texas Administrative Code Title 19 RULE §1.210 Healthy Students = Healthy Families Advisory Committee

(a) Purpose. The Healthy Students = Healthy Families Advisory Committee ("Committee") is appointed by the Commissioner of Agriculture ("Commissioner") and is established within the Texas Department of Agriculture (the "Department") to assist the Commissioner with current and future issues associated with the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy ("TPSNP"), Child Nutrition Programs ("CNP") and other nutrition issues affecting Texas children
Source: Office of the Secretary of State

Texas Administrative Code Title 25. RULE §37.350 School Health Advisory Committee

(a) The Committee. The School Health Advisory Committee (committee) shall be appointed under and governed by this section. The committee is established under the Health and Safety Code, §11.016, which allows the Health and Human Services Commission (commission) to establish advisory committees.
Source: Office of the Secretary of State

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