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statute; regulation; standard

State law addresses Coordinated School Health, but not WSCC.

State of Rhode Island General Laws § 16-21-28. Health and wellness subcommittee.

(a) The school committee of each school district shall establish a district-wide coordinated school health and wellness subcommittee chaired by a member of the full school committee. The subcommittee will make recommendations regarding the district's health education curriculum and instruction, physical education curriculum and instruction, and nutrition and physical activity policies to decrease obesity and enhance the health and well being of students and employees.

--- Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs

Section 2.0 General Requirements

2.1 All schools that are approved pursuant to RIGL §§16-19-1 and 16-19-2 shall have a comprehensive school health program consisting of health education, health services and a healthful school environment, approved by the State Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Director of Health in accordance with RIGL §16-21-7. The health education program (curriculum and personnel) for non-public schools shall be consistent with the provisions of §3.1 of these Regulations.

[Inactive as of July 2018.]
Source: Rhode Island Secretary of State

The Rhode Island Health Education Framework

As coordinated school health becomes a reality in Rhode Island schools, health education instruction will be reinforced and enhanced by the other seven components. The anticipated outcome is healthier students who will achieve high academic success and contribute to the state’s economy.
Source: Rhode Island Department of Education

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