Mississippi - Adaptive PE: Standards

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State law addresses making PE inclusive, including adapted PE or accommodations when necessary.

Title 7. Part 3. Chapter 38: Healthy and Safe Schools

  1. Adapted Physical Education
    Refer to the students Individualized Education Program and allow parents to provide input into their child's involvement in activity based programs.

State Policies Regarding Children with Disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 2004

Section 300.108 Physical education

Each public agency in Mississippi must comply with the following--

  • (a) General. Physical education services, specially designed if necessary, must be made available to every child with a disability receiving FAPE, unless the public agency enrolls children without disabilities and does not provide physical education to children without disabilities in the same grades.
  • (b) Regular physical education. Each child with a disability must be afforded the opportunity to participate in the regular physical education program available to nondisabled children unless--
    • (1) The child is enrolled full time in a separate facility; or
    • (2) The child needs specially designed physical education, as prescribed in the child's IEP.
  • (c) Special physical education. If specially designed physical education is prescribed in a child's IEP, the public agency responsible for the education of that child must provide the services directly or make arrangements for those services to be provided through other public or private programs.
  • (d) Education in separate facilities. The public agency responsible for the education of a child with a disability who is enrolled in a separate facility must ensure that the child receives appropriate physical education services.
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