Oregon - National PE Standards: Standards

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State law addresses National Physical Education Standards as a guide for providing PE or includes a list of all National PE standards without mentioning the standards by name.

Oregon Physical Education Standards

High-quality physical education is characterized by standards-based instruction and includes moderate-to-vigorous physical activity for at least 50 percent of the class time, but not at the expense of skill development or high-quality instruction; follows appropriate instruction practices; and is developmentally appropriate to students’ physical, cognitive and social needs of children (NASPE, 2003).

Standard 1. The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.
Standard 2. The physically literate individual applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance.
Standard 3. The physically literate individual demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.
Standard 4. The physically literate individual exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.
Standard 5. The physically literate individual recognizes the value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and/or social interaction.

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