Indiana - PE K-12 curriculum—HS: Curricula

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State law requires high school PE curriculum.

511 IAC 6-7-6.1 Required and elective credits

Sec. 6.1. (a) Beginning with students who enter high school in the 2000-2001 school year, a minimum of forty (40) credits is necessary for high school graduation. Twenty-four (24) of the credits shall be earned in the areas of study specified in subsection (b), and sixteen (16) of the credits shall be earned from courses in these and other areas of study listed in subsection (b) and 511 IAC 6.1-5.1.

  • (b) The twenty-four (24) required credits consist of the following:
    • (6) Health and education (1 credit)
    • (7) Basic physical education, adapted as necessary (1 credit)
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