West Virginia - PE K-12 curriculum—HS: Curricula

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statute; regulation

State law requires high school PE curriculum.

West Virginia Code 18-2-7a. Legislative findings; required physical education; program in physical fitness.

(3) High school grades. -- Not less than one full course credit of physical education, including physical exercise and age-appropriate physical activities, which shall be required for graduation and the opportunity to enroll in an elective lifetime physical education course.

Code of State Rules 126-21-4 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Disposition

All students are required to complete one (1) unit of physical education and one (1) unit of health prior to graduation.
West Virginia Secretary of State

Code of State Rules 126-44F-3. Incorporation by References

3.1 A copy of the 21st Century Physical Education 5-12 Content Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools is attached and incorporated by reference into this policy.  Copies may be obtained in the Office of the Secretary of State and in the West Virginia Department of Education, Office of Healthy Schools.
West Virginia Secretary of State

Code of State Rules 126-42-5. Program Definition and Design

5.4.a. High School Programming (Grades 9-12)

Physical Education

1 credit

Physical Education 9-12 (WV Education Information System [hereinafter WVEIS] course 6609). At least 50 percent of class time for physical education should be spent in moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity.
West Virginia Secretary of State

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