Maryland - PE K-12 curriculum—MS: Curricula

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regulation; statute

State law requires middle school PE curriculum.

2017 Maryland Education Code 7-409 Physical Education program

(a) In general. -- Each public school shall have a program of physical education that is given in a planned and sequential manner to all students, kindergarten through grade 12, to develop their good health and physical fitness and improve their motor coordination and physical skills.

Code of Maryland Regulations 13A.04.13.01 Physical Education Instructional Programs for Grades Prekindergarten - 12.

A. Each local school system shall:

  • (1) Provide in public schools an instructional program in physical education each year with sufficient frequency and duration to meet the requirements of the State curriculum for all students in grades prekindergarten-8; and
  • (2) Offer in public schools a physical education program in grades 9-12 which enables students to meet graduation requirements and to select physical education electives.
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