Mississippi - PE K-12 curriculum—MS: Curricula

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regulation; statute

State law requires middle school PE curriculum.

Title 7. Part 3. Chapter 38: Healthy and Safe Schools

a. Successful implementation of Physical Education and Comprehensive Health Education must include the following:

  • i. 150 minutes per week of instruction through a combination of physical education, physical activity, and activity based instruction
  • ii. 45 minutes per week of health educationiii. Fitness testing in grade 5 (See Appendix)

Title 7. Part 3. Chapter 38: Healthy and Safe Schools

b. Standard 33 of the Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards requires physical education to be a part of the basic curriculum in any configuration of grades K-8. The total number of minutes in physical education must not be below 50 minutes per week.

Mississippi Code. § 37-13-134. Legislative recommendations and intent; guidelines; physical activity coordinator; qualifications; duties; study

(1) The Legislature recognizes that there is a problem with Mississippi student inactivity and obesity, and therefore requires the following guidelines for school district physical education, health education and physical activity and fitness classes:

  • (a) Kindergarten through Grade 8: One hundred fifty (150) minutes per week of physical activity-based instruction and forty-five (45) minutes per week of health education instruction, as defined by the State Board of Education.
    Source: Mississippi Secretary of State
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