South Carolina - PE professional development: Staff qualifications and professional development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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State law addresses providing professional development to all PE teachers.

South Carolina Code of Laws SECTION 59-10-40. Professional development.

Appropriate professional development must be provided to teachers and volunteers on the importance of physical activity for young children and the relationship of activity and good nutrition to academic performance and healthy lifestyles.

South Carolina Code of Laws SECTION 59-10-50. Administration of South Carolina Physical Education Assessments; scoring effectiveness.

(B) The physical education teachers in a school that receives an unsatisfactory program effectiveness score pursuant to subsection (A), will be provided professional development activities designed to assist the school in improving its programs’ effectiveness.

South Carolina Code of Laws SECTION 59-10-320. Coordinated school health models; implementation; evaluation of effectiveness.

(A) ...The Department of Education shall notify each school district of the availability of professional development opportunities and provide technical assistance for implementing the coordinated school health model.

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