South Carolina - PE substitutions: Program requirement

Program Requirement
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statute; regulation

State law allows PE substitutions.

South Carolina Code of Laws SECTION 59-29-80. Courses in physical education; ROTC programs.

(A) There shall be established and provided in all the public schools of this State physical education, training and instruction of pupils of both sexes, and every pupil attending any school, in so far as he is physically fit and able to do so, shall take the course or courses provided by this section. Suitable modified courses shall be provided for students physically or mentally unable or unfit to take the course or courses prescribed for normal pupils. However, in any public school which offers a military or naval ROTC program sponsored by one of the military services of the United States, training in such a program may be deemed equivalent to physical education instruction, and may be accepted in lieu of such instruction for all purposes, academic or nonacademic, as may hereinafter be provided.

South Carolina Code of State Regulations 43–234. Defined Program, Grades 9–12 and Graduation Requirements.

A. The student must earn a total of twenty-four units of credit as follows:

  • English language arts (4.0 Units)
  • mathematics (4.0 Units) 
  • science 3.0 (Units) 
  • U.S. History and Constitution (1.0 Units)
  • economics (0.5 Units)
  • U.S. Government (0.5 Units)
  • other social studies (1.0 Units)
  • physical education or Junior ROTC (1.0 Units)
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