Missouri - PE teacher qualifications: Staff qualifications and professional development

Staff Qualifications And Professional Development
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regulation; statute

State law requires that newly hired staff who teach PE must be certified, licensed, or endorsed by the state in PE.

5 CSR 20-100 Appendix A

  1. Each elementary student will receive instruction in art, music, and physical education for a minimum of fifty (50) minutes in each
    area each week (twenty-five (25) minutes in each area for half-day kindergarten classes). These classes shall be taught by teachers with appropriate certification.

The Revised Statutes of Missouri 167.720. Physical education required — definitions.

  1. As used in this section, the following terms shall mean:
    • (2) “Physical education”, instruction in healthy active living by a teacher certificated to teach physical education structured in such a way that it is a regularly scheduled class for students;
      Source: Missouri Revisor of Statutes
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