Maine - PE teaches skills for a healthy life: Standards

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State law requires teaching skills for a healthy life.

Code of Maine Rules 05-071-132 Parameters for Essential Instruction

The Health Education and Physical Education Standards and performance indicators represent the essential knowledge and skills students need to be healthy individuals. Every day, students make decisions affecting their health and well-being: what foods to eat; what company to keep; what risks to take; and what to do for physical activity. These decisions often lead to habits that stay with them throughout life. The Health Education and Physical Education Standards will guide instruction that will help students make better decisions about their health. Through achievement of the Health Education and Physical Education Standards, students learn that their decisions can affect their health and set a pattern for their lives. Students also learn to protect their health by acquiring good information, by seeking good advice and friendships, and by taking responsibility for their own wellness which contributes to a healthy, active, balanced approach to life.

Code of Maine Rules 05-071-132 Parameters of Essential Instruction

Physical education provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to support participation in a wide variety of physical activities that contribute to an active lifestyle. Physical education provides building blocks for skill development, skill analysis, physical fitness, stress reduction, decision-making, and positive social skills. Students learn to assess and set goals, evaluate their own physical fitness, and use the knowledge to maintain or improve their current fitness level. Students who participate in physical education on a regular basis learn the benefits of physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.
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