New York - PE teaches skills for a healthy life: Standards

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State law requires teaching skills for a healthy life.

8 CRR-NY 100.1

(a) Students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity and maintain personal health.

8 CRR-NY 135.4

(1) Curriculum.

  • (i) The curriculum shall be designed to:
    • (a) promote physical activity and the attainment of physical fitness, and a desire to maintain physical fitness throughout life;
    • (b) attain competency in the management of the body and useful physical skills;
    • (c) emphasize safety practices;
    • (d) motivate expression and communication;
    • (e) promote individual and group understanding;
    • (f) provide knowledge and appreciation of physical education activities;
    • (g) make each individual aware of the effect of physical activity upon the body;
    • (h) provide opportunities for the exercise of pupil initiative, leadership and responsibility; and
    • (i) reinforce basic learnings of other areas of the total school curriculum.
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