Minnesota - Physical Activity throughout the day: Standards

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State law recommends physical activity incorporated throughout the school day (e.g. classroom breaks, time for physical activity).

2018 Minnesota Statutes. 124D.955 Healthy Kids Award Program.

Subdivision 1. Establishment. The healthy kids awards program is established to reward kindergarten through grade 12 schools that implement policies and practices that create opportunities for students to be physically active and make healthy food choices throughout the day. The program seeks to integrate physical activity into nonphysical education classes, recess, and extracurricular activities throughout the day in addition to the physical education received in physical education classes. The program also seeks to integrate nutrition education and healthy food and beverage choices throughout the school environment, including classrooms, cafeteria, vending, school stores, and fund-raising. The program requirements align with the Institute of Medicine’s guidelines for school food and beverages.

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