Tennessee - Physical Activity throughout the day: Standards

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State law requires physical activity incorporated throughout the school day (e.g. classroom breaks, time for physical activity).

Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-1021. Opportunities for physical activity

(a) In accordance with § 49-6-1022, it shall be the duty of each LEA to integrate:

  • (1) For elementary school students, a minimum of one hundred thirty (130) minutes of physical activity per full school week; and

  • (2) For middle and high school students, a minimum of ninety (90) minutes of physical activity per full school week.

(b) Physical activity may include walking, jumping rope, playing volleyball, or other forms of physical activity that promote fitness and well-being; however, walking to and from class shall not be considered physical activity for purposes of this section. To satisfy the requirements of subdivision (a)(1), an LEA shall offer elementary students at least one fifteen-minute (15) minute period of physical activity per day.

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