Oklahoma - Time for PE in ES: Standards

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statute; regulation

State law recommends that time for PE in elementary school that meets National Standards (150 min/week).

2017 Oklahoma Statutes 70-11-103.9 Physical education programs required for accreditation.

B. The Board shall require, as a condition of accreditation, that public elementary schools provide instruction, for students in full-day kindergarten and grades one through five, in physical education or exercise programs for a minimum of an average of sixty (60) minutes each week. The time students participate in recess shall not be counted toward the sixty-minutes-per-week physical education requirement.

Oklahoma Administrative Codes 210:35-5-31 Program of Studies

(a) School districts are required to provide physical education programs to all students. These programs may include athletics.
(b) Public elementary schools must provide instruction in physical education for all students in full-day kindergarten through Grade 5 for an average of sixty (60) minutes per week.
(c) Physical education instruction must be aligned with the Oklahoma Academic Standards.
(d) Time spent in recess cannot count toward the average of sixty (60) minutes per week required for physical education.
Oklahoma Secretary of State

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