Wisconsin - Time for PE in ES: Standards

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State law recommends that time for PE in elementary school that meets National Standards (150 min/week).

Wisconsin Administrative Code PI 8.01 School district standards.

  1. Physical education instruction shall be provided in accordance with a developmental, sequential, comprehensive physical education curriculum and program of instruction for all pupils. Instruction in grades kindergarten through 6 shall be provided at least 3 times weekly, except that days on which special activities are conducted may be exempt; and shall be conducted by or under the direction of a licensed physical education teacher. Pupils in grade 6 may be scheduled in accordance with the criteria for scheduling grades 7 through 12 if the pupils are attending a school that includes any of those grades. All pupils in grades 7 through 12 shall participate in the instructional program of physical education taught by a licensed physical education teacher, except that in senior high schools one year or the equivalent may be optional to pupils.
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