Virginia - Time for PE in HS: Standards

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State law recommends that time for PE in high school that meets National Standards (225 min/week).

Code of Virginia 22.1-253.13:1. Standard 1. Instructional programs supporting the Standards of Learning and other educational objectives.

  1. (Applicable beginning with the 2018-2019 school year) A program of physical activity available to all students in grades kindergarten through five consisting of at least 20 minutes per day or an average of 100 minutes per week during the regular school year and available to all students in grades six through 12 with a goal of at least 150 minutes per week on average during the regular school year. Such program may include any combination of (i) physical education classes, (ii) extracurricular athletics, (iii) recess, or (iv) other programs and physical activities deemed appropriate by the local school board. Each local school board shall implement such program during the regular school year.
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