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State law recommends recess.

New Hampshire Administrative Rules Ed 310.04 Components of Developmentally Appropriate Daily Physical Activity Policy

(a) The developmentally appropriate daily physical activity policy adopted by each local school board shall recommend practices, which at a minimum:

  • (1) Encourage parents and guardians to support their children's participation in enjoyable physical activities, and recognize that parents and guardians act as role models for active lifestyles;

  • (2) Support special programs such as student and staff walking programs, family fitness events, and events that emphasize life-long physical activity;

  • (3) Encourage the integration of health and physical activity across the school curriculum;

  • (4) Encourage student-initiated activities that promote inclusive physical activity on a school-wide basis;

  • (5) Support committing adequate resources that include program funding, personnel, safe equipment, and facilities;

  • (6) Encourage professional development opportunities for all school staff that will assist them to effectively promote enjoyable and lifelong physical activity among youth, and that will assist school staff to recognize their influenceas role models for active lifestyles;

  • (7) Establish relationships with community recreation and youth sports programs and agencies to coordinate and complement physical activity programs;

  • (8) Encourage physical activity recess periods; and

  • (9) Support a tracking and evaluation method to ensure that all students are engaging in developmentally appropriate daily physical activity.

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