Outline of the state of Tennessee

Sports Participation Fees—Allowed

Sports Participation Fees—Allowed

State law specifically allows for fees for participation.

Tennessee Administrative Rules and Regulations 0520-01-03-.03 Administration of Schools : School Fees

(12) School Fees.

  • (e) LEAs are authorized to require payment of the following fees by all affected students:

    1. Fines imposed on all students for late-returned library books; parking or other traffic fines imposed for abuse of parking privileges on school property; or reasonable charges for lost or destroyed textbooks, library books, workbooks or any other property of the school;
    1. Debts incurred pursuant to Rule 0520-01-03-.03(14), Withholding of Student Grades for Debts Owed to the School;
    1. Refundable security deposits collected by a school for use of school property for participation in extracurricular activities;
    1. Costs for extracurricular activities occurring outside the regular school day including sports, optional trips, clubs or social events; and
    1. Non-resident tuition charged of all students attending a school system other than the one serving their place of residence.
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