West Virginia - Acceptable Internet Use Policies: Policy or Plan Requirements

Policy Or Plan Requirements
Policy Type: 

State law requires districts to adopt Internet use policies or to provide instruction on safe Internet use.

West Virginia Administrative Code 126-41-11. Implementation.

11.1.  County Boards of Education:

  • 11.1.a.  County boards of education will ensure implementation of this policy by adopting their own county/school policies regarding acceptable use of electronic resources, technologies and the Internet.
    11.2.  WVDE:
  • 11.2.a.  The WVDE shall provide technical assistance to support RESAs, counties, and schools in developing and implementing local use policies.   RESAs may also provide professional development support to counties and schools in addressing acceptable use.
  • 11.2.b. The WVDE shall assist counties and schools with revisions of the Five-Year Online Strategic Plans associated with technology implementation and the West Virginia State Technology Plan.

[Historical. Effective through 7/1/2018.]

West Virginia Administrative Code 126-41-2. Purpose.

  • 2.1. Policy 2460 sets out regulations that apply to districts (counties), schools, students, educators, other school personnel, parents, guardians, county boards of education, Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs), West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) and other users.
  • 2.2. These regulations will assist implementation of policies at the state, RESA, district, and school levels to meet local, state and federal statutes and regulations pertaining to safe and acceptable use of the Internet, various digital resources and technologies, compliance with E-rate guidelines, and reinforcement of copyright compliance.
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