Florida - Air Quality: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law requires districts to address indoor air quality in schools.

Florida Statutes 404.056 Environmental radiation standards and projects; certification of persons performing measurement or mitigation services; mandatory testing; notification on real estate documents; rules.

(4) Mandatory testing. — All public and private school buildings or school sites housing students in kindergarten through grade 12; all state-owned, state-operated, state-regulated, or state-licensed 24-hour care facilities; and all state-licensed day care centers for children or minors which are located in counties designated within the Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Florida Radon Protection Map Categories as “Intermediate” or “Elevated Radon Potential” shall be measured to determine the level of indoor radon, using measurement procedures established by the department. Initial measurements shall be conducted in 20 percent of the habitable first floor spaces within any of the regulated buildings and shall be completed and reported to the department within 1 year after the date the building is opened for occupancy or within 1 year after license approval for the entity residing in the existing building. Followup testing must be completed in 5 percent of the habitable first floor spaces within any of the regulated buildings after the building has been occupied for 5 years, and results must be reported to the department by the first day of the 6th year of occupancy. After radon measurements have been made twice, regulated buildings need not undergo further testing unless significant structural changes occur. No funds collected pursuant to s. 553.721 shall be used to carry out the provisions of this subsection.

Florida Statutes 381.006 Environmental health.

(16) ...Rules related to public and private schools shall be developed by the Department of Education in consultation with the department. Rules adopted under this subsection may include definitions of terms; provisions relating to operation and maintenance of facilities, buildings, grounds, equipment, furnishings, and occupant-space requirements; lighting; heating, cooling, and ventilation; food service; water supply and plumbing; sewage; sanitary facilities; insect and rodent control; garbage; safety; personnel health, hygiene, and work practices; and other matters the department finds are appropriate or necessary to protect the safety and health of the residents, staff, students, faculty, or patrons. The department may not adopt rules that conflict with rules adopted by the licensing or certifying agency. The department may enter and inspect at reasonable hours to determine compliance with applicable statutes or rules. In addition to any sanctions that the department may impose for violations of rules adopted under this section, the department shall also report such violations to any agency responsible for licensing or certifying the group care facility. The licensing or certifying agency may also impose any sanction based solely on the findings of the department.

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