Mississippi - Air Quality: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law requires districts to address indoor air quality in schools.

Mississippi Code 1972 37-17-6 Establishment and implementation of permanent performance-based accreditation system

(1) The State Board of Education, acting through the Commission on School Accreditation, shall establish and implement a permanent performance-based accreditation system, and all noncharter public elementary and secondary schools shall be accredited under this system.

(2) No later than June 30, 1995, the State Board of Education, acting through the Commission on School Accreditation, shall require school districts to provide school classroom space that is air-conditioned as a minimum requirement for accreditation.

Mississippi Code 1972 37-11-71 Mississippi Asthma and Anaphylaxis Child Safety Act

(11) The State Department of Education shall require each public school district to take the following actions relating to the management of asthma in the school setting:

  • (f) Require local school health councils to conduct a school health needs assessment that addresses and supports the implementation of the following: healthy school environment, physical activity, staff wellness, counseling/psychological services, nutrition services, family/community involvement, health education and health services. The results of the assessment must be used in the development of long-range maintenance plans that include specific indoor air quality components for each school building.

  • (g) Require local school health councils to adopt and support the implementation of a local school wellness policy that includes minimizing children's exposure to dust, gases, fumes and other pollutants that can aggravate asthma in the school setting. The policy must require the air quality and ventilation systems of schools to be assessed annually, which assessment may be accomplished with the Environmental Protection Agency's Tools for Schools Indoor Air Quality Checklist. The policy also must minimize the use of hazardous substances such as, but not limited to, chemical cleaning products and pesticides in and around school buildings during the hours that children are present at school. The policy must require all school construction projects to implement containment procedures for dusts, gases, fumes and other pollutants that trigger asthma.

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