New York - Air Quality: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law requires districts to address indoor air quality in schools.

New York Codes, Rules and Regulations 155.4 Uniform Code of Public School Building Inspections, Safety Rating and Monitoring.

(d) Monitoring system.

Boards of education and boards of cooperative educational services shall establish a process to monitor the condition of occupied public school buildings in order to assure that they are safe and maintained in a state of good repair. Such process shall include the following elements:

  • (1) Establishment of a health and safety committee comprised of representation from district officials, staff, bargaining units and parents.
  • (2) Establishment of a comprehensive maintenance plan for all major building systems to ensure the building is maintained in a state of good repair. Such plan shall include provisions for a least toxic approach to integrated pest management and establishing maintenance procedures and guidelines which will contribute to acceptable indoor air quality. The comprehensive maintenance plan shall be available for public inspection.
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