South Dakota - Alcohol and Drug-use Intervention Programs: Programs and Services

Programs And Services
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State law encourages districts to implement school-based alcohol and drug referral, intervention or treatment programs for students with substance use disorders.

South Dakota Administrative Rules 24:17:01:05 Short-term group care education program

A short-term group care education program includes an educational program at a county juvenile detention center, a group care center for minors licensed by the Department of Social Services, or an alcohol and drug treatment center accredited by the Department of Human Services. The education program must be operated by a public school district and be located within the boundaries of the public school district providing the program to qualify as a short-term group care education program. The school district may not receive reimbursement from the Department of Social Services under the auxiliary placement program for the students attending this education program. The facility must be reported to and approved by the department in a format prescribed by the secretary before the fiscal year for which state aid will be provided. The secretary may waive the time lines for application as a short-term group care education program if the school district can show unforeseeable extenuating circumstances.

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