Massachusetts - Alcohol and Drug-use Prohibitions or Restrictions: Prohibitions or Restrictions

Prohibitions Or Restrictions
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State law prohibits the sale, possession, or use of alcohol or controlled substances on school grounds or at school-related events.

Massachusetts General Laws ch 71.37H Policies relative to conduct of teachers or students; student handbooks

Each school district’s policies pertaining to the conduct of students shall include the following: disciplinary proceedings, including procedures assuring due process; standards and procedures for suspension and expulsion of students; procedures pertaining to discipline of students with special needs; standards and procedures to assure school building security and safety of students and school personnel; and the disciplinary measures to be taken in cases involving the possession or use of illegal substances or weapons, the use of force, vandalism, or violation of a student’s civil rights. Codes of discipline, as well as procedures used to develop such codes shall be filed with the department of education for informational purposes only.

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