New Hampshire - Alcohol and Drug-use Prohibitions or Restrictions: Prohibitions or Restrictions

Prohibitions Or Restrictions
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State law prohibits the sale, possession, or use of alcohol or controlled substances on school grounds or at school-related events.

New Hampshire Revised Statutes 193-D:2 State Board Rulemaking Authority; Public School District Policies.

I. The state board of education shall adopt rules relative to safe school zones, under RSA 541-A, for public school pupils and public school employees regarding:

  • (a) Disciplinary proceedings, including procedures assuring due process.
  • (b)(1) Standards and procedures for suspension and expulsion of pupils, including procedures assuring due process.
    • (2) Standards and procedures which shall require expulsion of a pupil for knowingly possessing a firearm in a safe school zone without written authorization from the superintendent or designee.
  • (c) Procedures pertaining to discipline of pupils with special needs, including procedures assuring due process.
  • (d) Procedures for reporting acts of theft, destruction, or violence under RSA 193-D:4.

II. Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit local school boards from adopting and implementing policies relative to pupil conduct and disciplinary procedures.

New Hampshire Revised Statutes 193-D:1 Definitions.


  • (j) Illegal sale or possession of a controlled drug under RSA 318-B.
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