Alaska - Building Construction and Maintenance: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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statute; regulation

State law establishes guidelines for school construction and building maintenance that may address student health and safety.

Alaska Statutes 2017 Section 14.14.090 Duties of school boards.

In addition to other duties, a school board shall
(1) determine and disburse the total amount to be made available for compensation of all school employees and administrative officers;
(2) provide for, during the school term of each year, an educational program for each school age child who is enrolled in or a resident of the district;
(3) withhold the salary for the last month of service of a teacher or administrator until the teacher or administrator has submitted all summaries, statistics, and reports that the school board may require by bylaws;
(4) transmit, when required by the assembly or council but not more often than once a month, a summary report and statement of money expended;
(5) keep the minutes of meetings and a record of all proceedings of the school board in a pertinent form;
(6) keep the records and files of the school board open to inspection by the public at the principal administrative office of the district during reasonable business hours;
(7) establish procedures for the review and selection of all textbooks and instructional materials, including textbooks and curriculum materials for statewide correspondence programs, before they are introduced into the school curriculum; the review includes a review for violations of AS 14.18.060; nothing in this paragraph precludes a correspondence study student, or the parent or guardian of a correspondence study student, from privately obtaining or using textbooks or curriculum material not provided by the school district;
(8) provide prospective employees with information relating to the availability and cost of housing in rural areas to which they might be assigned, and, when possible, assist them in locating housing; however, nothing in this paragraph requires a school district to provide teacher housing, whether district owned, leased, rented, or through other means, nor does it require a school board to engage in a subsidy program of any kind regarding teacher housing;
(9) train persons required to report under AS 47.17.020, in the recognition and reporting of child abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse of a minor;
(10) provide for the development and implementation of a preventive maintenance program for school facilities; in this paragraph, “preventive maintenance” means scheduled maintenance actions that prevent the premature failure or extend the useful life of a facility, or a facility’s systems and components, and that are cost-effective on a life-cycle basis;

Alaska Administrative Code 4 AAC 31.013. Preventive maintenance and facility management

(a) For a district to be eligible for state aid under AS 14.11.011, the district must have a facility management program that addresses the following five elements of facility and maintenance management:

  • (1) a formal maintenance management program that records maintenance activities on a work order basis, and tracks the timing and cost, including labor and materials, of maintenance activities in sufficient detail to produce reports of planned and completed work;
  • (2) an energy management plan that includes recording energy consumption for all utilities on a monthly basis for each building; for facilities constructed before December 15, 2004, a district may record energy consumption for utilities on a monthly basis when multiple buildings are served by one utility plant;
  • (3) a custodial program that includes a schedule of custodial activities for each building based on type of work and scope of effort;
  • (4) a maintenance training program that specifies training for custodial and maintenance staff and records training received by each person; and
  • (5) a renewal and replacement schedule that, for each school facility of permanent construction over 1,000 gross square feet, identifies the construction cost of major building systems, including electrical, mechanical, structural and other components; evaluates and establishes the life-expectancy of those systems; compares life-expectancy to the age and condition of the systems; and uses the data to forecast a renewal and replacement year and cost for each system.

(b) Repealed 12/15/2004.

(c) At the request of a chief school administrator, the department will assist a district in implementing a qualifying preventive maintenance program through consultation, on-site reviews, and training.

(d) Repealed 12/15/2004.

(e) On an annual basis, the department shall provide a preliminary notice to each district regarding its compliance with each element required in (a) of this section, based on evidence of a program that was previously provided to the department, or that was gathered by the department during an on-site visit conducted under (f) of this section. On or before June 1, the department will provide its preliminary notice. The department may change a determination of non-compliance at any time during the year based on new evidence. Districts that are not in full compliance must provide evidence of compliance to the department by August 1. On or before August 15, the department will notify districts of its final determination regarding compliance. The department will deny a grant application submitted under AS 14.11.011 by a district that has received a final determination from the department that the district is out of compliance with this section.

(f) The department shall conduct on-site inspections of school district preventive maintenance and facility management programs at least once every five years. The department may make additional inspections as it deems necessary. The department may change its determination of compliance based on information obtained during the on-site inspections.

(g) In this section

  • (1) "district" has the meaning given in AS 14.11.135;
  • (2) "maintenance activities" means all work performed by district staff or contractors on building systems, components, utilities, and site improvements.
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