Louisiana - Building Construction and Maintenance: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law establishes guidelines for school construction and building maintenance that may address student health and safety.

Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:100.11 School facilities preservation; certain districts

C. (1) The school board and the Recovery School District shall each create a facilities office. From annual facility funds each receives, it shall use fifteen dollars per pupil attending school at a campus it controls in the school district or whatever lesser amount is available to fund the facilities office. The school board and the Recovery School District may adjust this per pupil amount on an annual basis by the lesser of the most recent annual increase in the Consumer Price Index published by the United States Department of Labor or in the minimum foundation program funds.

  • (2) To the extent that facility funds are available pursuant to Paragraph (1) of this Subsection, the facilities office shall perform the following functions:

    • (a) Inspect and monitor facilities to ensure that they are being maintained and that each campus is in compliance with maintenance and inspection requirements. If a school is not properly maintaining its campus as required in the lease agreement, the remedies available to the school board or Recovery School District as applicable are to suspend or terminate use of the school facility account funds as provided in Paragraph (F)(10) of this Section or to perform necessary maintenance, repair, or replacement work and charge the school the costs of such work plus a service fee. Prior to performing any such work, the school board or Recovery School District shall give formal notice to the school and provide an opportunity for it to remedy the deficiency, all in accordance with policies governing such procedures.

    • (b) Manage building leases, handle emergency repairs, and administer the revolving facility loan fund and school facility repair and replacement accounts, all as provided for by this Section.

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