Maine - Building Construction and Maintenance: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law establishes comprehensive guidelines and accountability measures for school construction and building maintenance that include detailed provisions for addressing student health and safety.

Code of Maine Department of Education, Chapter 125 Basic approval standards: public schools and school administrative units, 05.071.125

Section 11. School Facilities

11.02 Facilities Planning
Each school administrative unit shall have a plan for maintenance and a plan for capital renewal of school facilities using the template and software provided by the Commissioner, as specified in Me. Dept. of Ed. Reg. 64. These plans shall be part of the Comprehensive Education Plan, and shall:

  • A) Provide for adequate facilities for school programs as specified in Section 11.01.
  • B) Monitor compliance with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations including but not limited to:
    • (1) Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973,
    • (2) The Life Safety Code of the Department of Public Safety,
    • (3) The State Plumbing Code adopted by the Department of Health and Human Services,
    • (4) Applicable regulations of the Department of Labor, and
    • (5) Conformity with asbestos requirements.

Code of Maine Department of Education, Chapter 64 Maine school facilities program and school revolving renovation fund, 05.071.064

Section 2. Maintenance and Capital Improvement Plans.
A. Each school administrative unit will develop and maintain a facility maintenance plan and a capital improvement plan that includes a plan for each building in the school administrative unit.

B. Each facility maintenance plan must include, at a minimum, a maintenance and replacement schedule for all major building systems to include but not limited to the following:

  • 1) heating, ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC);
  • 2) plumbing and electrical systems;
  • 3) roof systems;
  • 4) building exterior;
  • 5) windows and doors;
  • 6) interior (painting, flooring, etc.); and
  • 7) site maintenance.

C. Each ten year capital improvement plan at a minimum must include:

  • 1) educational mission, vision and goals;
  • 2) educational program, facility, and space usage assessment;
  • 3) enrollment projections and new program needs;
  • 4) match of infrastructure to programs;
  • 5) educational specifications;
  • 6) capital project description, schedule, and budgets; and
  • 7) energy and water conservation analysis.
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