Maryland - Building Construction and Maintenance: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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State law establishes guidelines for school construction and building maintenance that may address student health and safety.

2017 Code of Maryland Local Educational Facilities Master Plan.

A. A local educational facilities master plan is a written plan that includes:

  • (1) Educational goals, standards, and guidelines;
  • (2) Community analysis, concluding that the plan conforms to the adopted county and municipal comprehensive plan and growth management strategies;
  • (3) An inventory and evaluation of existing school buildings;
  • (4) Current and projected enrollment data;
  • (5) Analysis of future school facility needs;
  • (6) Policies for co-location, shared use, and shared cost of existing and planned school facilities;
  • (7) Policies to address school capacity needs in planned growth areas or to address adequate public facilities ordinance requirements; and
  • (8) Policies addressing current and planned transportation for students, administrators, and teachers per school.

2017 Code of Maryland Maintenance.

A. Comprehensive Maintenance Plan.

  • (1) A comprehensive maintenance plan is a written plan approved by the local board of education that describes a strategy for maintaining public school facilities.
  • (2) Annually, each LEA shall submit to the IAC a comprehensive maintenance plan that is compatible with the local educational facilities master plan and the local capital improvement program.
  • (3) The IAC or its designee shall notify the LEA of concerns and recommendations about the comprehensive maintenance plan.
  • (4) The LEA shall resolve the IAC's issues to the reasonable satisfaction of the IAC or its designee.
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