Wyoming - Building Construction and Maintenance: Program Requirement

Program Requirement
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regulation; statute

State law establishes comprehensive guidelines and accountability measures for school construction and building maintenance that include detailed provisions for addressing student health and safety.

Wyoming Administrative Rules 027-0001-4 Facility Plans

Section 2. Purpose of Rule. This Chapter is intended to aid in the development of long range comprehensive school building and facility plans for each school district which address district-wide building and facility needs.

Section 3. Facility Plan.
(a) In coordination with the applicable district, the Department shall develop long range comprehensive school building and facility plans for each school district which address district-wide building and facility needs. All facility plans and any modifications thereto require Commission approval in accordance with W.S. 21-15- 116(d). Each plan shall describe with specificity the current and projected future use of each facility, a description of any perceived need for new or replacement facilities, a generalized description of the major maintenance needs of each facility and a description of how the plan will guide future funding requests and expenditures in order to achieve compliance with the adequacy standards of the Commission and other applicable Wyoming law in the most efficient and cost-efficient manner to deliver quality educational services and address building and facility need.
(b) Facility plans shall be reviewed periodically by the District and the Department.
(c) Facility plans are not a definitive guide to facility or district remedies and may be subject to further consideration which may, or may not, ultimately be approved by the Commission. Facility plans are to be used as a tool to guide the NI (needs index) prioritization of remedies periodically established by the Commission in accordance with these Rules and Regulations.
(d) All facility plans shall contain information consistent with that required in W.S. 21-15-116, including but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • (i) A full description of the District's long-term goals and strategies related to its facilities, including disposition of facilities and modification of grade configurations and school boundaries;
  • (ii) An inventory of all existing facilities including any charter school facilities in the district and the current status (closing/reopening, need for rural school, alternative schools, etc.) of each facility, including grade configuration and current year
    student enrollment, if applicable;
  • (iii) A full description of all anticipated new, replacement or renovated facilities perceived to be a need of the district over the next ten (10) years with a thorough explanation of the reasons supporting the perceived need for the new,
    replacement, or renovated facility;
  • (iv) A full major maintenance plan and description of the impact of prior years expenditures on maintenance or renovation of facilities on the district's longterm goals and strategies, including non-construction alternatives.

Wyoming Statutes § 21-15-115. Statewide standards for school building and facility adequacy; adequacy assessment.

(a) The commission shall by rule and regulation establish and maintain uniform statewide standards for the adequacy of school buildings and facilities necessary for providing educational programs prescribed by law for the public schools. If a building owned by a district meets the applicable standards under this subsection for use by the district to educate students and was previously used for the purpose of educating students, no municipal or county zoning requirements shall be construed or applied so as to prevent the district from using the building for the purpose of educating students, or to require the district to make any modification to the building as a condition of using the building for the purpose of educating students. The uniform standards shall at minimum include:

  • (i) Requirements for educating students in a safe environment including all applicable building, health, safety and environmental codes and standards required by law for all public buildings;
  • (ii) Building site requirements;
  • (iii) Building performance standards and guidelines including energy efficiency criteria;
  • (iv) Assurances for the special needs of identified student populations including children with disabilities;
  • (v) Guidelines for adequacy and functionality of educational space for required educational programs;
  • (vi) Building capacity criteria aligned to the prescribed state educational program, with consideration given to utilization differences between school sizes and school levels in accordance with W.S. 21-15-117(e)(iv);
  • (vii) Technological capacity criteria sufficient to meet required educational program needs and the requirements imposed under the state education technology plan;
  • (viii) Building and facility accessibility.

Wyoming Statutes § 21-15-114. School facilities commission powers and duties.

(a) The school facilities commission shall:

  • (i) Repealed by Laws 2011, ch. 2, § 3.
  • (ii) Adopt policies, guidelines and standards for the comprehensive assessment of school buildings and facilities required under W.S. 21-15-115;
  • (iii) Adopt policies, guidelines and standards for school district facility plans required under W.S. 21-15-116 and review and approve each plan as required under this act;
  • (iv) through (vi) Repealed by Laws 2011, ch. 2, § 3.
  • (vii) Develop policies and criteria for use in determining renovation, replacement or discontinuation of inadequate buildings and facilities based upon statewide adequacy standards and other requirements necessary to ensure adequate, efficient and cost effective school buildings and facilities;
  • (viii) Repealed by Laws 2011, ch. 2, § 3.
  • (ix) Establish criteria and procedures for the identification of local enhancements to school buildings and facilities which are in excess of state building adequacy standards and develop criteria and procedures to determine whether and how any local enhancements should be incorporated into the statewide adequacy standards;
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