Alaska - Chemical Hazards: Prohibitions

Prohibitions Or Restrictions
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State law encourages districts to utilize environmentally-safe chemicals and to reduce chemical exposure in schools.

Alaska Administrative Code 18 AAC 30.380. Maintnance

(a) Schools and school grounds must be kept clean and orderly.
(b) A room or area must be provided for janitorial equipment and cleaning supplies.
(c) A separate utility sink must be provided for mops and general cleaning.
(d) Hazardous cleaning solutions and substances must be properly labeled and stored in a locked place.

Alaska Administrative Code 18 AAC 90.625. School use and notification

(a) The administrator of a school shall, whenever practical, ensure the use of nonchemical methods to control pests, including proper sanitation practices, structural repair, and window screens.

(b) Except as provided in (h) of this section, at least 24 hours before the application of a pesticide to an area of the school that is used by or is accessible to children, the administrator of the school shall notify parents or guardians of children of the application; a notice under this subsection must include

  • (1) a description of the area where the pesticide will be applied;
  • (2) the date and approximate time of application; if the application will be outdoors, the notification must include three dates in chronological order in case the preceding date is canceled due to weather;
  • (3) the common or brand name of each pesticide to be used;
  • (4) the targeted pests to be controlled by the pesticide;
  • (5) each active ingredient in the pesticide;
  • (6) the EPA registration number;
  • (7) the telephone contact number, if any, on the label of the pesticide for additional information about each pesticide; and
  • (8) a contact name and telephone number at the school.
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