Maine - Chemical Hazards: Prohibitions

Prohibitions Or Restrictions
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State law requires districts to utilize environmentally-safe chemicals and/or to reduce chemical exposure in schools.

Code of Maine Department of agriculture, conservation and forestry, Board of pesticides control, Chapter 27 Standards for pesticide applications and public notification in schools, 01.026.027

Section 2. Requirements for All Schools.
A. All public and private schools in the State of Maine shall adopt and implement a written policy for the application of Integrated Pest Management techniques in school buildings and on school grounds.

B. Each school shall appoint an IPM Coordinator who shall act as the lead person in implementing the school's Integrated Pest Management policy. The IPM Coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating pest monitoring and pesticide applications, and making sure all notice requirements as set forth in this chapter are met. In addition, the IPM Coordinator shall maintain and make available to parents, guardians and staff upon request:

  • (1) the school's IPM Policy,
  • (2) a copy of this rule (CMR 01-026 Chapter 27),
  • (3) records of all pesticide applications as required under CMR 01-026 Chapter 50 -- Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements,
  • (4) copies of labels and material data safety sheets for all products applied, and
  • (5) when pesticides not exempt under Section 3 are applied, records of the IPM steps taken as described in Section 5.B. of this chapter.

C. Each school shall provide an annual notice to parents or guardians and school employees. This notice must be provided within two weeks of the start of the school year regardless of whether there are plans to have pesticides applied in the coming year.

Maine Revised Statutes Title 20-A Education Part 3 Elementary and Secondary Education Chapter 201 General Provisions 4003-A. Hazardous chemicals

The commissioner shall establish rules governing the purchase and storage of hazardous chemicals in schools.
Maine Legislature

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