Oregon - Corporal Punishment: Prohibitions or Restrictions

Prohibitions Or Restrictions
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regulation; statute

State law prohibits the use of corporal punishment for disciplinary purposes without exception.

Oregon Revised Statutes 339.250 Duty of student to comply with rules; policies on discipline, suspension, expulsion, threats of violence or harm, firearms and physical force; student handbook or code of conduct; enforcement of policies.

(9)(a) The authority to discipline a student does not authorize the infliction of corporal punishment. Every resolution, bylaw, rule, ordinance or other act of a district school board, a public charter school or the Department of Education that permits or authorizes the infliction of corporal punishment upon a student is void and unenforceable.

Oregon Administrative Rules 581-021-0060 Discipline Procedures, Prohibition of Corporal Punishment

(2) No student in Oregon shall be subjected to corporal punishment in any public elementary or secondary school. A school administrator is not authorized to waive the prohibition against corporal punishment based upon the request of a parent or guardian.
Oregon Secretary of State

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