Louisiana - Emergency Operations Plans: Interagency Coordination: Stakeholders

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State law encourages or requires inter-agency coordination as part of both initial plan development and review and update procedures.

Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:416.16 School crisis management and response plan.

B. (1) Each public school principal, jointly with local law enforcement, fire, public safety, and emergency preparedness officials, shall review the plan at least once annually and shall revise the plan as necessary. In reviewing and revising the plan, the principal and such officials shall consider and include input, if appropriate, from students enrolled in the school and their parents, teachers at the school, other school employees, and community leaders. Each principal shall submit such plan in writing to the local school superintendent for approval at least once annually, including upon each revision.

  • (2) The superintendent shall make an annual report to the public school governing authority on the status of the plan of each school under the governing authority's jurisdiction.
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