Rhode Island - Emergency Operations Plans: Interagency Coordination: Stakeholders

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State law encourages or requires inter-agency coordination as part of both initial plan development and review and update procedures.

Rhode Island General Laws § 16-21-23. School safety teams, school crisis response teams, and school safety assessments.

(b) The school committee of each town, city, and regional school department shall review and adopt in executive session a comprehensive school safety plan regarding crisis intervention, emergency response, and management. The plan shall be developed by a school safety team comprised of representatives of the school committee, representatives of student, teacher, and parent organizations, school safety personnel, school administration, and members of local law enforcement, fire, and emergency personnel. Members of the school safety team shall be appointed by the school committee and/or school superintendent of the town, city, or regional school district. In creating the school safety plan, the school safety team(s) shall consult the model school safety plan developed by the department of elementary and secondary education pursuant to § 16-21-23.1.

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