West Virginia - Emergency Operations Plans: Interagency Coordination: Stakeholders

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statute; standard

State law encourages or requires inter-agency coordination as part of initial emergency plan development only.

West Virginia Code 18-9F-9. Crisis Response Plan.

(5) The development by each school of a school specific crisis response plan by using the state board's model plan as an example and with consultation from local social services agencies, local first response agencies including police, fire, emergency medical services (EMS), emergency management and any other local entities that the school's crisis response planning team determines should be consulted;

2017 West Virginia Schools Crisis Prevention and Response Plan Template

The West Virginia Schools Crisis Prevention and Response Plan template, incorporated by reference, encourages districts to include local law enforcement, SROs, emergency management, mental health providers, and members of the county board on local crisis response planning teams.
West Virginia Department of Education

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