Wisconsin - Emergency Operations Plans: Interagency Coordination: Stakeholders

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State law encourages or requires inter-agency coordination as part of both initial plan development and review and update procedures.

Wisconsin Statutes 118.07 Health and safety requirements

(4)(a) Each school board and the governing body of each private school shall have in effect a school safety plan.

  • (b) A school safety plan shall be created with the active participation of appropriate parties, as specified by the school board or governing body of the private school. The appropriate parties may include the department of justice, local law enforcement officers, fire fighters, school administrators, teachers, pupil services professionals, as defined in s. 118.257 (1) (c), and mental health professionals. Before creating or updating a school safety plan, a school board or governing body of a private school shall, in consultation with a local law enforcement agency, conduct an on-site safety assessment of each school building, site, and facility that is regularly occupied by pupils.
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