District of Columbia - Emergency Operations Plans: Policy or Plan Requirements

Policy Or Plan Requirements
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State law requires districts to develop school emergency operations plans (EOPs) that do not include procedures for plan review and update.

D.C. Code 5–132.02. Establishment of the Metropolitan Police Department School Safety Division; functions of the School Safety Division.

(a) There is established within the Metropolitan Police Department a School Safety Division that shall provide security for the District of Columbia Public Schools.
(b) The School Safety Division shall be headed by a Director, appointed by, and reporting to, the Chief of Police with rank equal to a Commander or above.
(c) The School Safety Division shall:

  • (1) Hire all school security personnel for DCPS;
  • (2)
    • (a) Deploy school security personnel to DCPS; and
    • (b) Deploy school resource officers to public charter schools;
  • (3) Provide oversight over school security personnel and be responsible for administering all disciplinary actions related to school security personnel, including termination;
  • (4) Execute, approve, monitor, and provide oversight over any contract for school security personnel;
  • (5) Create and implement security and emergency operations plans for DCPS in concert with the Chancellor;
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